Sticky Spaggetti

I, tried but I couldn’t keep from laughing when my dad made a big mess cooking spaghetti. He made me laugh till my stomach hurt. He made me laugh over and over. He made everybody in my family laugh even my uncle laugh so hard. It was so funny. Even my dog was curled up on the floor laughing.
He was making supper for the family on Sunday evening. My dad was about to drain the spaghetti when he spilled the noodles. It was funny when he spilled the noodles. They landed on top of my named Tucker the noodles made him look like a little girl he ran and shacked them off but they would not come off the were stuck to him. He was so made that it made him bark and bark.
Then he took of and climbed into my bed and hid under my softest blanket in my bed. Noodles every were. It’s a good thing it didn’t have any sauce on them but they were really sticky. When I went to bed I found 4 noodles under my pillow I flipped my pillow over and noodles stuck to my hair so I went to go brush my hair but that did not work. So I got water but it was warm so my hair stated to burn and my face started to turn red. I put cold water on my face and it cooled my face down but I was really mad.

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